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House Passes Legislation to Fund Investments in Municipal Roads and Bridges

BOSTON - May 10, 2019 - This week, Representative Joan Meschino (D-Hull) joined her colleagues in the House to pass a bill authorizing the Commonwealth to borrow $200 million for improvements to municipally-owned roads and bridges through Chapter 90 grants. These grants reach each of the Commonwealth’s towns and cities directly, continuing the strong tradition of partnership between the state and local communities. The Chapter 90 program entitles cities and towns to receive reimbursements on approved projects. The funds are designated for capital improvement projects- the construction, preservation, or improvement of roads and bridges. This legislation will help ensure that our municipal infrastructure can continue on its path to a state of good repair. “I’m proud to see the legislature continue to invest in our most important infrastructure,” said Representative Meschino. “These funds are critical for every city and town across the Commonwealth.” The bill also authorized borrowing for federally-aided . . . Read More

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Meschino Will Lead the Fight to Cap Future MBTA Fare Increases

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE September 25, 2016 Contact: Geri Spanek 617.557.4560 or Contact: Laura Burns 781.749.0880 HULL— How much is too much? Joan Meschino, Democratic candidate for State Representative, knows the answer to this question. “The nine percent average fare increase imposed by the MBTA on July 1 is excessive and creates an unnecessary financial burden for South Shore commuters who rely on boat and rail service to travel to work, school, medical appointments, downtown Boston, and Logan Airport,” said Meschino. Government should encourage the use of public transportation instead of making it less accessible and more expensive, she said. “When I served on the MBTA Advisory Board I was a vocal opponent of the fare increase and I have advocated for fare reductions,” said Meschino, a member of the Metropolitan Area Planning Council, an organization that promotes sustainable transportation by coordinating transportation funding programs and advocating for transportation . . . Read More

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Meschino Advocates for South Shore Transportation Projects

July 25, 2016 FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Contact: Pam Wolfe (781) 706-2890 HULL – Democrat Joan Meschino, candidate for State Representative for the Third Plymouth District, spoke out for projects and studies for the South Shore communities of Hingham, Hull, Cohasset and North Scituate this month, requesting federal and state funding. The projects include two roadway safety and capacity projects in Hingham on Derby Street; one bridge replacement and rehabilitation project in Cohasset on Atlantic Avenue, and two road upgrades in Hull and Cohasset. She also advocated for improvements for commuter boats and the Red Line and for bicycle and pedestrian infrastructure for school children. “There are a number of projects waiting for federal and state funding,” said Meschino. “They need to be approved and given the go-ahead for construction. The safety and mobility of all travelers in these locations is at stake,” she said. In addition to the construction projects, . . . Read More

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Joan Meschino’s Letter on the Draft FFYs 2017-2021 Transportation Improvement Program

July 20,2016 David Mohler, Chairman Boston Region Metropolitan Planning Organization10 Park Plaza, Suite 2150 Boston, MA 02116 RE: Comments on the Draft FFYs 2017-2021 Transportation Improvement Program  Dear Chairman Mohler, Thank you for the opportunity to provide comments concerning the projects being considered for funding in the Draft Federal Fiscal Years 2017-2021 Transportation Improvement Program (TIP). I am writing to state my support for several projects that would be beneficial to several towns on the South Shore (Hingham, Hull, Cohasset, and North Scituate) as they work to address traffic problems and maintain roads and bridges. I support funding Red Line and commuter boat improvements. In addition, I ask that the MPO, when evaluating projects, give high value to a project's ability to deliver reductions in greenhouse gases (GHGs). I ask that the MPO continue to include the following regionally important roadway projects for funding in the Draft FFY s 2017-2021 TIP: • Arterial . . . Read More

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Letter to Boston Region Metropolitan Planning Organization

July 11, 2016 David Mohler, Chairman Boston Region Metropolitan Planning Organization Suite 2150 10 Park Plaza Boston, MA 02116 RE: Support for Studies in the FFY 2017 UPWP  Dear Chairman Mohler, Thank you for this opportunity to comment on the set of studies under consideration for funding in the Federal Fiscal Year 2017 Unified Planning Work Program (UPWP). I write to support several planning studies and ongoing programs that would be particularly helpful for South Shore towns (Hingham, Hull, Cohasset, Scituate), as they work to address local transportation problems. These towns have varied and important transportation needs. In addition, I am advocating for proposed work in greenhouse gas reduction. I ask that the MPO select the following planning studies for funding in the FFY 2017 UPWP: • Low Cost Improvements to Express-Highway Bottlenecks - The Braintree Split is a major interchange that is crippled daily by extreme congestion. Many South Shore residents are tied up daily . . . Read More

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