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Moving forward together means investing in the transportation network we need to meet the challenges of the future. Representative Joan Meschino understands how our economy and communities’ vitality depend on top-notch transportation.

Investing in our transportation infrastructure is one of her major priorities. She has consistently voted for state budgets that fund roadway and transit with a goal to build the robust transportation network our region needs. She supports adequate funding for our roadways (including Complete Streets upgrades), and bridges through appropriations for state highway maintenance and construction. She has fought for increased essential Chapter 90 funds for repair and construction on municipalities’ local road networks. She has consistently voted for requested levels of funds for MBTA transit infrastructure and services.

“Our communities’ vitality depends on our building transportation networks that meet our future needs,” she says. “I’m fighting for increased boat, rail and bus services because I know this is essential to reducing greenhouse gas (GHG) production and interrupting climate change. Investments in transportation should also de-carbonize our networks. Operating electric buses and converting state, municipal and other vehicle fleets to electric is an example of investments that eliminate GHG production from our transportation portfolio. Increased transit is essential for affordable mobility. Transit services are also a big boost for community cohesion.”

Support for the South Shore’s iconic ferry service to Boston Harbor will always have Rep. Meschino’s full attention.

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