BOSTON – May 10, 2019 – This week, Representative Joan Meschino (D-Hull) joined her colleagues in the House to pass a bill authorizing the Commonwealth to borrow $200 million for improvements to municipally-owned roads and bridges through Chapter 90 grants. These grants reach each of the Commonwealth’s towns and cities directly, continuing the strong tradition of partnership between the state and local communities.

The Chapter 90 program entitles cities and towns to receive reimbursements on approved projects. The funds are designated for capital improvement projects- the construction, preservation, or improvement of roads and bridges. This legislation will help ensure that our municipal infrastructure can continue on its path to a state of good repair.

“I’m proud to see the legislature continue to invest in our most important infrastructure,” said Representative Meschino. “These funds are critical for every city and town across the Commonwealth.”

The bill also authorized borrowing for federally-aided highway projects and rail and transit projects to ensure continuity in the Department of Transportation’s capital program.

The legislation now moves to the Senate for their consideration.