Legislation Investing in Environmental Protection Signed into Law

(BOSTON) – On August 9, 2018, legislation authorizing $2.4 billion of investments in the environment, agriculture, and climate adaptation in the Commonwealth was signed into law. The Environmental Bond Bill funds local sea level rise and climate change resiliency and adaptation efforts, enhances environmental and natural resource protection, and invests in our parks and recreational assets. These investments will reach every corner of the Commonwealth, from coastal infrastructure to agricultural preservation. The Environmental Bond Bill positions Massachusetts to lead on coastal resilience, and to preserve our local community’s natural resources for generations to come. “Climate change and sea level rise mitigation and adaptation are critical to ensure a prosperous future for the Commonwealth, and safety for its residents,” said Representative Joan Meschino (D - Hull). “In coastal communities like Cohasset, Hingham, Hull, and North Scituate, the need for these kinds of investments is urgent. The legislature was able to meet that . . . Read More

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Coastal Resilience Grants Awarded in Hull

HULL – Representative Joan Meschino (D-Hull) welcomed Executive Office of Energy and Environmental Affairs Secretary Matthew Beaton to the Hull Lifesaving Museum on August 1, 2018 for his announcement of the Office of Coastal Zone Management’s Coastal Resilience Grants. Across the state, the grants will provide $3.2 million in funding to support local efforts to proactively plan for and adapt to coastal storm and climate change impacts, including storm surge, flooding, erosion and sea level rise. CZM’s Coastal Resilience Grant Program provides financial and technical support for innovative local efforts to increase awareness and understanding of climate impacts, plan for changing conditions, redesign vulnerable community facilities and infrastructure and implement non-structural measures to increase natural storm damage protection, flood and erosion control and community resilience. Grants can be used for planning, public outreach and feasibility assessment and analysis of shoreline vulnerability, as well as for design, permitting, construction and monitoring of . . . Read More

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House Passes Legislation for Environmental Protection

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE June 19, 2018  BOSTON – Representative Joan Meschino (D-Hull) joined her colleagues in the House ofRepresentatives on Wednesday, June 13th to pass legislation authorizing spending onenvironmental programs. The bill, H.4599, also known as the Environmental Bond Bill,authorizes over a billion dollars in funding to protect against the impacts of climate change andconserve natural resources. The funding and policy proposed in this legislation will reach everycorner of the Commonwealth, from coastal infrastructure to agricultural preservation. The BondBill also invests in water and air quality protection, municipal vulnerability preparedness grants,and an electric vehicle incentive program. These are critical steps to making Massachusetts aleader in global climate change solutions, and to preserving our community’s natural assets forgenerations to come.“Climate change and sea level rise are urgent issues that my community faces,” saidRepresentative Meschino. “I was proud to collaborate with my colleagues to ensure that the statewill be able to allocate the necessary . . . Read More

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State Representatives Host State House Electric Vehicle Briefing and Ride and Drive

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE  April 10, 2018 BOSTON – Today at the Massachusetts State House, Representative Joan Meschino (D-Hull) joined her colleagues, Representatives Smitty Pignatelli (D-Lenox), Jonathan Hecht (D-Watertown), Solomon Goldstein-Rose (I-Amherst) and Jack Lewis (D-Framingham), to host an Electric Vehicle Ride and Drive. The day began with a morning briefing, which highlighted the benefits of electric vehicles, showcased the enormous advancements made in electric vehicle technology over recent years, and addressed the future of electric vehicles in the Commonwealth. The briefing brought in a diverse set of speakers, including Matthew Beaton, Secretary of the Executive Office of Energy and Environmental Affairs; Alli Gold Roberts, State Policy Director at Ceres; Basim Motiwala, Government Relations at Honda; and Karsten Barde, New Customer Offerings at National Grid. After the briefing, legislators, State House staff and media were invited to test drive a host of electric vehicles, including a BMWi3, a Nissan Leaf, a Chevy . . . Read More

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Rep Meschino Leads Push for Electric Vehicles, Charging Infrastructure

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE  February 26, 2018 BOSTON - State Representative Joan Meschino joined 37 other legislators who weighed in last week on the allocation of $75 million that the Commonwealth of Massachusetts is scheduled to receive from the Volkswagen Environmental Mitigation Trust Fund. Members urged the Department of Environmental Protection, which is charged with dispensing the money, to invest in electric vehicle charging infrastructure and invest the balance of the funds in fully-electric transit and school buses. The money will be received as part of a multi-state settlement with Volkswagen after it used a cheating computer system that ran emissions controls during testing but not during normal vehicle operation. Emissions from these vehicles were 15-40 times the federal Environmental Protection Agency compliance level. Volkswagen has agreed to spend nearly $15 billion on remedial action, including $2.9 billion that is being divided up among participating states and territories. “The Commonwealth must continue . . . Read More

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Op-ed: Hull is On the Front Lines of Climate Change Battle

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASEJuly 10, 2017On a clear day, you can stand atop Allerton Hill and view nearly the whole town: down Nantasket Beach towards Cohasset and out across the Atlantic Ocean, with lobsterman skirting the horizon of Hull Bay. Hull, Massachusetts, a narrow peninsula jutting out from the mainland just south of Boston proper, has always held a strong connection to the ocean and Nantasket Beach has long been a treasured destination for those in the region hoping to get closer to the sea.Despite a celebrated history, Nantasket Beach has recently been suffering a fate like that of many beaches across the Commonwealth. Many of our state's beaches have been slowly, and quite literally, losing ground to rising sea levels and increasingly frequent, intense storms. On Nantasket, the beach’s seawall protects the town from pounding surf and storm surges; yet, accelerates the beach’s erosion over time. Photos from the early . . . Read More

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Funds to Protect Our Fragile Shoreline a Top Priority for Joan Meschino

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE September 18, 2016 Contact: Geri Spanek 617.557.4560 gerispanek@yahoo.com Hull—Joan Meschino, Democratic candidate for State Representative, plans a comprehensive initiative to seek grants and other funding to help protect Cohasset, Hingham, Hull, and North Scituate from rising sea levels and continuing coastal erosion, if elected. Meschino is currently a member of the Metropolitan Beaches Commission, which has completed more than $20 million in capital projects, including Quincy Shore Drive, since its inception in 2006. “This district includes many miles of coastline, and we will continue to experience destructive storm surges and rising sea levels,” said Meschino, a Hull native who served two terms as a Hull Selectman. “Planning and executing proactive, protective measures is far more efficient and cost effective than simply cleaning up after major storms pound our fragile shoreline.  And here in New England, we know that these storms will continue to occur, like it or not.” . . . Read More

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Opposes Surtax

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASEJuly 20, 2016  Contact: Pam Wolfe(781) 706-2890pjdwsunset@comcast.net HULL – Democrat Joan Meschino, candidate for State Representative for the Third Plymouth District seat, called on the legislature to ban the surcharge sought by utility companies which would require ratepayers to pick up the cost of new gas pipelines through Massachusetts and a compressor station in Weymouth.  These facilities are unnecessary and pose environmental and health risks.   “The state senate voted 29-0 to ban the surcharge for new gas infrastructure, but the house failed to speak up.  I urge the legislature to include the ban in the energy bill which is now in conference committee, and approve it as the senate did. This surcharge amounts to a hidden tax increase that will burden all residents of the South Shore and benefit only the utility companies,” said Meschino. “These facilities will bring no benefit to our district, and if they are built, . . . Read More

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Letter to Boston Region Metropolitan Planning Organization

July 11, 2016 David Mohler, Chairman Boston Region Metropolitan Planning Organization Suite 2150 10 Park Plaza Boston, MA 02116 RE: Support for Studies in the FFY 2017 UPWP  Dear Chairman Mohler, Thank you for this opportunity to comment on the set of studies under consideration for funding in the Federal Fiscal Year 2017 Unified Planning Work Program (UPWP). I write to support several planning studies and ongoing programs that would be particularly helpful for South Shore towns (Hingham, Hull, Cohasset, Scituate), as they work to address local transportation problems. These towns have varied and important transportation needs. In addition, I am advocating for proposed work in greenhouse gas reduction. I ask that the MPO select the following planning studies for funding in the FFY 2017 UPWP: • Low Cost Improvements to Express-Highway Bottlenecks - The Braintree Split is a major interchange that is crippled daily by extreme congestion. Many South Shore residents are tied up daily . . . Read More

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