BOSTON – Legislators, advocates, and Massachusetts residents came together this Tuesday, May 14, 2019, to support H.832, An Act to Create a 2050 Roadmap to a Clean and Thriving Commonwealth, filed by Representative Joan Meschino (D-Hull), at a hearing before the Joint Committee on Environment, Natural Resources, and Agriculture.

The 2050 Roadmap bill seeks to align the Commonwealth’s existing carbon emissions reduction goals pursuant to the Global Warming Solutions Act of 2008 (GWSA) with the most updated climate research.  The 2050 Roadmap would reset the Commonwealth’s carbon emission reduction goal to “net-zero” by the year 2050 and requires the administration to conduct a backcast analysis that will lead to the development of a statewide plan to reduce carbon emissions across multiple sectors, including areas such as energy, transportation, and home heating efficiency.  Through a transparent and iterative process, the bill seeks to create an intentional and equitable plan to reduce carbon emissions, and the accountability for its implementation. The 2050 Roadmap creates a much-needed people-centered framework for Massachusetts to achieve its carbon emissions reduction goal and create a clean environment and thriving economy.

“Through comprehensive, people-centered planning, the 2050 Roadmap provides a legislative framework to advance the Commonwealth’s climate goals, which will build on the existing green economy, improve public health outcomes, and empower vulnerable populations across the Commonwealth,” said Representative Meschino.

The bill is a top priority for over a dozen advocacy groups, who came together at Tuesday’s hearing to testify in support of the bill.

“Massachusetts always follows the science, and climate science has changed. It’s clear that we need to reach zero emissions by 2050, and to get there we need an ambitious but workable plan – the 2050 Roadmap this bill requires,” said David Ismay, a Senior Attorney at Conservation Law Foundation. “This is about bold action, new infrastructure and quality jobs – about making sure that, as we reduce our carbon pollution, we’re doing it fairly and cost-effectively for the benefit of everyone in the state.”

“Since the passage of the Global Warming Solutions Act (GWSA) in 2008, new scientific evidence compels greater action to avoid the worst impacts of climate change,” said Eric Wilkinson, General Counsel and Director of Energy Policy at Environmental League of Massachusetts. “This bill is a comprehensive and necessary revitalization of the GWSA. Getting to net zero greenhouse gas emissions by 2050 is an imperative, and this bill will get us there. ELM is grateful for the leadership of Rep. Meschino and all of the co-sponsors on this issue. “

The bill is before the Joint Committee on Environmental, Natural Resources, and Agriculture, and now waits to be reported out of committee.