August 30, 2017

BOSTON – Senator Walter F. Timilty (D-Milton) and Representative Joan Meschino (D-Hull) today announced the formation of the Fair Skies Caucus. The caucus will bring together legislators from both the Massachusetts State Senate and the Massachusetts House of Representatives that represent districts affected by overflights from local airports, including Logan Airport, Worcester Airport, and Hanscom Field.

As the Senate chair and House chair, respectively, Timilty and Meschino aim to encourage bipartisan and bicameral collaboration on legislation and budget matters relevant to the caucus and its members. The caucus will unite the advocacy efforts of its individual members in order to more effectively collaborate with Massport and other agencies.

“It is my strong belief that an equitable solution to the problem of airplane noise must be implemented,” said Timilty. “Communities across the Commonwealth experience the constant barrage of noise and the public health risks associated with airplanes flying overhead at all hours of the day and night. The Fair Skies Caucus will bring together my colleagues on Beacon Hill as we work toward an equitable solution that disperses the burden among neighboring communities. I commend Representative Meschino for her leadership, and I look forward to our continued partnership.”

“The formation of the Fair Skies Caucus is a welcome step toward achieving equitable and safe strategies to mitigate noise and air pollution,” said Representative Meschino. “By leveraging our shared interests, the Caucus can more effectively support the Community Advisory Council’s work with Massport to research and implement equitable noise mitigation strategies. I applaud Senator Timilty for his leadership in this area, and I look forward to our ongoing collaboration.”

In addition to creating a forum for legislators to work jointly on issues pertaining to airplane noise, the caucus will allow for increased collaboration with members of the Massport Community Advisory Committee (Massport CAC). The Massport CAC, comprised of representatives from 35 communities, serves as the voice of communities affected by Massport operations.

By optimizing advocacy efforts, the caucus will work to find meaningful solutions to an issue affecting communities across the Commonwealth.