March 26, 2017 

COHASSET – Representative Joan Meschino (D – Hull) convened seniors, service providers and advocates for a focus group this week to discuss ongoing issues facing seniors in her communities. The meeting, Representative Meschino said, will play an important role in shaping her advocacy for seniors through the ongoing legislative process and the upcoming state budget debate.

“Too many seniors are forced to choose between staying in their homes, paying for their medical care and keeping food on the table. Still more have difficulty accessing transportation and staying connected with their community,” said Representative Meschino. “I’m looking forward to working with local advocates and providers in order to meet the needs of our older residents.” Representatives from the Hull Senior Center, Cohasset Elder Affairs, Hingham Elder Services, Scituate Council on aging, Linden Ponds, and Wellspring  were all in attendance.

“As the House of Representatives prepares to take up the state budget next month, I am particularly concerned about protecting services for seniors,” said Representative Meschino. “Cutting or underfunding vital programs that provide housing, fuel assistance, transportation, food assistance, and other services will devastate seniors who are already struggling to balance their needs with their checkbooks. I will continue to work alongside advocates and other members of our communities as I fight for more funding and effective services for our district.”

Seniors represent about one in six residents of the Third Plymouth District, which Representative Meschino has represented since her swearing in this past January. The district consists of Hull, Cohasset, Hingham, and North Scituate.

Prior to her election last year, Representative Meschino served as Executive Director of the Massachusetts Appleseed Center for Law and Justice, a public interest law center that promotes equal rights and opportunities for Massachusetts residents. She has also served on the Hull Board of Selectmen, the Metropolitan Area Planning Council’s Executive Committee, the Metropolitan Beaches Commission, and the Hull Capital Outlay Committee.

This meeting was one part of a longer listening tour that the Representative will be continuing over the course of her term. She plans to use these meetings as opportunities to listen to her constituents, to gain insight into the broad range of issues they face, and to better understand what role she may play in working to combat these issues.