(BOSTON) – On August 9, 2018, legislation authorizing $2.4 billion of investments in the environment, agriculture, and climate adaptation in the Commonwealth was signed into law. The Environmental Bond Bill funds local sea level rise and climate change resiliency and adaptation efforts, enhances environmental and natural resource protection, and invests in our parks and recreational assets. These investments will reach every corner of the Commonwealth, from coastal infrastructure to agricultural preservation. The Environmental Bond Bill positions Massachusetts to lead on coastal resilience, and to preserve our local community’s natural resources for generations to come.

“Climate change and sea level rise mitigation and adaptation are critical to ensure a prosperous future for the Commonwealth, and safety for its residents,” said Representative Joan Meschino (D – Hull). “In coastal communities like Cohasset, Hingham, Hull, and North Scituate, the need for these kinds of investments is urgent. The legislature was able to meet that demand this session, and I will continue to fight for additional resources to protect our residents and preserve our community.”

Representative Meschino obtained a $500,000 authorization for a Regional Hazard Mitigation Initiative for the towns of Cohasset, Hingham, Hull, and Scituate. This initiative will coordinate a prioritized regional hazard mitigation plan to improve collective hazard planning, increase public safety, and streamline emergency response among the four towns.

Some other highlights of the bill include:

 – $100,000,000 for coastal infrastructure and resiliency measures, including but not limited to: seawalls, jetties, revetments, retaining walls, and beach nourishment, including $1,500,000 for seawalls, jetties, and wave attenuation devices in both Scituate and Hull

 – Funding to the Executive Office of Energy and Environmental Affairs for the implementation of mitigation and adaptation-related projects

 – $225,000,000 for community investment grants for land, soil, water, and natural resource conservation; preservation; watershed remediation and coastal resource protection

 – $100,000,000 for investment in water and air quality protection, and for integrated energy and environmental projects to preserve environmental quality and public health

 – $54,000,000 for the development and implementation of programs designed to address agricultural economic and environmental sustainability

 – The creation of Global Warming Solutions, Fishing Innovation, and Agricultural Innovation Trust Funds