(BOSTON)Representative Joan Meschino (D-Hull) joined her colleagues in the House of
Representatives on Wednesday, June 27th to pass legislation establishing an automatic voter
registration process for the state of Massachusetts. With the implementation of automatic voter
registration, the legislature sought to facilitate civic engagement for the 700,000 residents of
Massachusetts who are eligible to vote but are unregistered.
“The democratic process requires broad civic engagement that reaches across all demographics
to ensure that all are represented and heard.” said Representative Meschino. “Automatic voter
registration is a simple and convenient registration process that will promote participation among
all eligible citizens.”
The bill, H.4320, An Act relative to automatic voter registration, contains provisions that would
link voter registration to initial applications and information updates to the Registry of Motor
Vehicles and MassHealth. Rather than requiring eligible voters to opt-in to register, this
provision would instead create an opt-out process for eligible residents who may not wish to
register to vote. If passed by the Senate and signed into law, the measure would take effect
January 1, 2020.