Community Toolkit

The South Shore needs a strong advocate in the Mass. House of Representatives

We know that Joan Meschino will deliver for the district, because that's what she's done for her whole career. Now's the time to elect someone who has a comprehensive plan for our region. That person is Joan Meschino! Why? Joan will fight for you!

Twelve Priorities for Our District

  1. Work regionally to combat climate change and mitigate the effects of sea level rise - to protect our communities.
  2. Strongly oppose the proposed Compressor Station at Fore River Bridge.
  3. Invest in early education funding and increase access to affordable higher education opportunities for district residents.
  4. Support the expansion of Commonwealth drug courts that prioritize rehabilitative strategies over incarceration for non-violent drug offenders.
  5. Work with the South Shore Chamber of Commerce and entrepreneurs to support the growth of small businesses and improve residents' access to job training programs.
  6. Fully fund capital investments in coastline protection structures recommended by the Massachusetts Coastal Infrastructure Inventory and Assessment Project and MAPC.
  7. Ensure senior citizens get the tax relief they deserve so they can stay in their homes, and protect funding for The Ride.
  8. Restore funding for our local libraries and encourage connectivity with local non-profits, schools, and community-based organizations.
  9. Work with our Congressional delegation to mitigate closure regulations and paid observers to ensure thriving fisheries.
  10. Encourage regional collaboration to give the district a stronger voice in government.
  11. Fight for funding for access to treatment beds and effective programming for those battling opiate addiction.
  12. Provide top-notch constituent services and hold regular office hours in each community in the district.
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