Our commitment to equity, inclusivity, and justice on the South Shore

In light of recent events in our nation’s Capitol, we make this unified statement and call to action to residents of the South Shore.

As your elected representatives of the Massachusetts House and Senate, we just swore an oath of office to uphold the United States Constitution and the Massachusetts Constitution, both of which are grounded in principles of equity, inclusivity, and justice for all. Not only are these principles our responsibility to uphold as elected officials, but they are the responsibility of all citizens.

Our Constitutions are resilient and enduring. The American system of government only survives as long as we uphold our civic duties, protect the truth, and safeguard the principles of liberty, justice, and equality, on which this great nation was founded.

Now more than ever, we need to be good neighbors. The abhorrent events in Washington, D.C. on January 6, 2021, have caused great unrest for all of us. To many, the messages and symbolism at the Capitol Building are direct threats to their safety. What happened in DC did not happen in isolation. Displays of racism and insurrection have permeated communities throughout the country, and it falls upon each and every one of us to counteract the damage.

We firmly denounce the hateful and insurrectionist behavior we have witnessed, and we call on the entire South Shore to do the same. It is extremely important that we listen to the perspectives and experiences of others, embrace empathy towards our neighbors, and grow stronger as a community from the turbulent times in which we find ourselves right now.

The South Shore is one of the most beautiful and bountiful corners of Massachusetts, and we are all fortunate to call this place home. But we still have work to do to make this place more safe, welcoming, and inclusive for all walks of life, especially those who are marginalized, disadvantaged, or vulnerable. Not only is this our responsibility as elected officials, this is our duty as good neighbors and human beings. Together, as a South Shore community, we have to unite and condemn racism, violence, and divisive rhetoric.  We are resilient.  We have the strength, ability, and dedication to emerge from this period of turmoil as a truly welcoming place for everyone, and so we must.


Senator Patrick O’Connor                              Representative Josh Cutler

Representative Joan Meschino                       Representative Mathew Muratore

Representative Patrick Kearney

Representative Kathleen LaNatra