(BOSTON) – Current and future efforts in Massachusetts to move to net-zero emissions are set forth in the House vehicle for major climate legislation from last session, State Representative Joan Meschino’s (D-Hull) “2050 Roadmap” Bill, which was enacted in law as S. 9 An Act creating a Next Generation Roadmap for Massachusetts Climate Policy. Provisions in the 2050 Roadmap update the state’s greenhouse gas emissions reduction goal to achieve net-zero emissions by 2050, set strong interim targets, and establish comprehensive and iterative planning mechanisms focused on equity to enable the Commonwealth to achieve this ambitious goal. 

Building upon last session’s legislation, Representative Meschino has filed eight bills related to energy and the environment in the 192nd Session. 

“I filed the 2050 Roadmap to align the Massachusetts economy with the pressing urgency of the climate science,” said Representative Meschino. “The bills I filed this session advance key provisions of the Roadmap and reinforce a commitment to equity in the pursuit of a clean energy future.”

Of the bills filed by Representative Meschino this session, An Act to create access to justice (H. 1792), which empowers an individual to seek redress against discrimination by government policies, is her top priority. The bill restores the right of an individual to bring a claim in state court when a government policy creates disparate impact, an unintended discriminatory effect on individuals of a protected class when implemented. It provides access to justice for numerous constituencies, including people seeking to enforce environmental justice, language access, fair housing, equitable healthcare, and access to high-quality education.

In addition to her priority legislation, Representative Meschino has filed bills related to electric vehicles, building decarbonization, natural gas infrastructure, ratepayer protections, and transportation governance. These include two that promote the use of electric vehicles, An Act relative to an electric transportation future (H. 3541) and An Act promoting zero-emission vehicles (H. 3347), and one, An Act to promote electric vehicle fleets by 2035 (H. 3255), that increases the use of electric vehicles within passenger fleets. Additionally, Representative Meschino filed An Act relative to building energy and decarbonization (H. 3350) which provides a blueprint for the state’s efforts to actively decarbonize new construction and existing buildings. Representative Meschino also filed An Act relative to conservation and natural gas infrastructure (H.3349), An Act relative to monthly minimum reliability contributions (H. 3348), and An Act relative to transportation governance (H. 3542).

Representative Meschino’s bills advance the Commonwealth’s commitments to protections for environmental justice communities and to a clean energy future in which the reduction of transportation and building emissions that account for approximately 40% of the Commonwealth’s total emissions, plays a key role. 

H.1792 has been assigned to the Joint Committee on the Judiciary. H.3255, H.3347, H.3348, H.3349, and H.3350 have been assigned to the Joint Committee on Telecommunications, Utilities, and Energy. H. 3541 and H. 3542 have been assigned to the Joint Committee on Transportation. Each bill now awaits a hearing. Residents can follow the progress of these bills by creating an account on malegislature.gov.