(BOSTON) – On April 14th, Cohasset Public Schools leader Aleisa Gittens-Carle received recognition from the Massachusetts Black and Latino Legislative Caucus during the Caucus’ 2023 Black Excellence on the Hill event at the State House. Ms. Gittens-Carle was nominated to receive this recognition by State Representative Joan Meschino (D-Hull) for her commitment and dedication to bettering the Commonwealth, both within Cohasset and on a larger scale.

Aleisa Gittens-Carle has served as the METCO (Metropolitan Council for Educational Opportunity) Director for the Cohasset Public Schools for 22 years. In this capacity, she has selflessly committed herself to the pursuit of equity in education by ensuring that elementary and secondary students of color have access to robust, value-laden educational opportunities.

Ms. Gittens-Carle’s dedication to her students is evidenced through constant advocacy and activism, all of which centers around their well-being and success. She has nurtured young minds with the love, support, guidance, and courage needed to see them flourish with confidence, kindness, success, and purpose—an awesome responsibility, one which has been carried out with excellence and has, in turn, bestowed an immeasurable benefit onto society at large.

In her time serving as Cohasset’s METCO Director, Ms. Gittens-Carle has raised awareness of social and racial inequities, increased the breadth of Cohasset’s METCO program and the various opportunities available to students, established important inter-community relationships, contributed to curriculum improvements—especially in the area of cultural and racial awareness, and has helped deliver enhanced transportation solutions to METCO students who commute to school from Boston.

“Aleisa Gittens-Carle’s extraordinary leadership and community-building skills have been witnessed by many in Cohasset and within the larger METCO community in Massachusetts,” said State Representative Joan Meschino (D-Hull). “Her work to uplift and advocate for students in Cohasset Public Schools has been transformational, and I congratulate Aleisa on this well-deserved recognition.”

“I was truly humbled to know that I had been nominated for this prestigious award. To receive flowers from members of the Cohasset community while I am alive to smell them, reinforced that my decision to work to bring others together has not been in vain,” said 2023 Black Excellence on the Hill honoree Aleisa Gittens-Carle. “To be able to share this day with my mom, Bernadine Gittens, who set the example for our family and my husband of 32 years, Wayne Carle, was even more special. Each day they pray for me gives me the strength to do the work of bringing folk together. And while it isn’t always easy, it is always rewarding. Thank you again for honoring me in such a special way.”

The 2023 Black Excellence on the Hill event is hosted annually by the Black and Latino Legislative Caucus to commemorate Black Community leaders and trailblazers that are moving the needle forward in cities and towns across the state. Featured speakers at this year’s event included Governor Maura Healey, Lieutenant Governor Kim Driscoll, and keynote speaker Bishop Talbert W. Swan II.